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Ultimate Freestyle Presents; The Ultimate of paintball markers.

We take stock markers and upgrade them to the absolute BEST they can become!

NOX board:

Direct from Rocky Knuth himself, this board is CRAZY! Imagine rates of fire that NO hopper can keep up with, this board can do it.

7 Modes of operation, Ramping, NXL, NPPL legal, if you need it, this board has it. All adjustable without taking anything apart!

Slider Bolt System :

Direct from ICD, this is the new bolt system with extreme efficiency.

1100 shots off a 45/45

1500 shots off a 68/45

Lower operating pressure, faster cycle rate, smoother operation.

CP inline HPR :

The UFS comes standard with the CP high pressure inline HPR. This high quality regulator has the extended body for better feel and grip during play.


Palmers Rock LPR:

This is the best LPR money can buy for the Freestyle. This regulator is easier to adjust, easier to maintain and has higher flow then the stock reg. PLUS with Palmers you get a lifetime warranty.

CP Direct mount Purge On/Off:

This ASA on/off is the lightest ASA on the market. Its auto bleeding, its super small, super light and of course comes with all fittings and hoses.

CP 14" 1 piece barrel:

Every marker comes with a 14" CP barrel rated at .689 OR .691 size, depending on what customer wants. The CP barrel is one of the best barrels on the market. This barrel is the best match for your freestyle.



The NEW FS8 from ICD

Now Available from Ultimate Freestyle.

FS8 = $749

UFS8 = $949

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