Dear Ultimate Freestyle Visitor,

The summer of 2006 has been very hard for all paintball companies, including Indian Creek Designs and Ultimate Freestyle Paintball. The decision has been made to discontinue service of the Ultimate Freestyle Forum due to lack of use and interest in the products. Ultimate Freestyle will be sticking around during this down season, but will be focusing on other product developments outside of the paintball industry. The Forum has also been hacked into several times and its caused numerous problems in the day to day operation of my web server. Discontinuing the forum is the only way to remove the bandits from continuing to access the server and cause problems.

I'd like to take this opportunity and thank those who kept the Ultimate Freestyle Forum's going for the la

st year. Its sad to see the forum go, but at this point in time its the only corse of action that can be taken for the sake of my server.

Thanks again for visiting the site and stay tuned for more Ultimate Freestyle products during the 07' season!

Tyler Purcell; Owner